C A R O L I N E   A K I N T U N D E

As part of Adam's First Photography Series, which takes inspiration from Annie Leibovitz 'Showgirls', in which he want to showcase societies expectations of people and the real people behind the mask; Adam captures Caroline, a Creative PR Trainee with an eye for camera. Her story is one of interest, and her character is no different. 

Attending the majority of her schooling years in Ghana, in which she refers too as "Home". Caroline often notices the major differences between lifestyle here and in a society such as Ghana. 

Focussing on how Women are treated: 

What's expected of Women Today?

"I think we are expected to just take what the world gives us without complaining. When we do complain it's a sort of ... eye roll you know?"

How about in Ghana?

"In Ghana, we were raised to be wives for men instead of having our own ideals. It's progressing over there though. I think the UK have set a way".

"London, here, Women are more able to express their opinions and now people are actually hearing their concerns. Therefore we're moving forward".

As a male, I can only go off what I've heard in the news or on Twitter. But I see a lot of Women constantly talking about being "expected" to be beautiful. So I asked Caroline if she thought the same.

"Yeah...Especially Now".

I've known Caroline for around three months, and to say she's an interesting character is putting it lightly. So her insight is pertinent and intuitive. Going forward, what I think I want to promote to women, and men, is to be themselves. Be you. It's fun, healthier and well...easier. 

Images:   ADAM SAVVA 

Words:    ADAM SAVVA 


Thanks:  JAY YOUNG

Photographing Caroline I've learnt a lot about what it means to be a woman in today's society. I am thankful for the insight I have been giving and the awesome photos I was able to capture. 

Some brilliant points we're risen when talking to Caroline and I hope they ring true with loads of people. 

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