'What motivates you? What makes you want to be the best?'

I don't know really...

I guess...in this world it's as easy to be forgotten as it is to be remembered. I just don't want to get left behind...

Jay Young is the third model in my first photography series in which tackles the expectations of both males and females.


An aspiring photographer and videographer, Jay tells us why he works so hard to achieve his dreams.

My camera...

is my eye...

On the day of the shoot, Jay said something that really stood out to me and think is relatable to a lot of upcoming talent. When asked why he is so motivated; after deliberation he said it's the "fear of being left behind". He also then went on to describe how his, new (as he liked to mention!), camera has become his eye. Seeing first sight of him capturing moments on the day and out and about; Jay spots opportunities to turn into future projects. 

This idea of being left behind rings true with us all. We find a craft we love and want to leave our mark in it, one way or another. 

I tried to capture this idea of being left behind and how the camera has replaced his own human eye as I think it's something all photographers and videographers, including me, can relate too. 

We don't watch movies like we used too as kids. Jay and I were discussing; when we see a good movie now instead of thinking "That was great" we think  "Damn, why didn't I think of that!". 

Having worked alongside Jay; I knew a little about his thoughts on the subject about today's societies on males. "I feel like men are held to a standard and id if you don't see that people judge you...therefore causing mental strain" "Men are suddenly weak for crying for example. No! We overcome challenges and when society tells us we can't cry  it makes us more upset when we suddenly do".  

This idea is prominent in today's society. I think what makes it ten times worse for men is that it's not that we're frowned upon if we cry, or feel sad. It's that we're told "we can't". It's like saying "don't push the red button". When it's pushed it's a shock to us and therefore we have no idea how to handle the situation. 

It was amazing photographing a photographer and gaining some valuable insight from someone trying to pursue a career the same as mine. Very thankful.





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