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As part of my first photography series, in which focuses on the societal expectations of men and women. I photographed Thomas Savva, AKA SAVS an upcoming music artist. Here I chose to showcase what he's taught me most about; peoples expectation of a performer in today's society and the passion for music. 


Blah Blah Blah. 

Growing up with SAVS, or as I know him Tom, I know exactly how much his career means to him. Being alongside him and seeing the amount of dedication he puts into his work is inspirational, uplifting and shows me hard work does pay off. I wanted to know what he thought, being in a scene which is so influential on young men, on the idea that men are expected to be tough or headstrong. When asked if he thought this was an expectation his answer was synonymous with other rappers in this scene. "Today, you have to be, especially in the scene I'm trying to break into." Wanting to understand more he elaborates "If you aren't tough mentally or headstrong. This world will beat you down."

That's the thing. I think for so many years, we as males, have been expected to be tough physically that we forget to be tough mentally as-well. So when we aren't feeling too good, either physically or mentally, I think a lot of men don't feel like...well a man. 


Tom extends the idea of images and perceptions when I asked what he thinks people think of him when he tells them he is a rapper. "At first, people think I'm going to do some Pop and shit. Then when they hear what I say it's different init". 

I love music. I do. I think it's the at the forefront of therapy. So what I wanted to know is; "Is making music more healing than listening to it". His response was short, sweet. "It's even better"


One thing you can't have in this industry?



Having the chance to photograph my brother, who's journey I've been watching since I met him was an amazing opportunity and I'm thankful for it. 

In a time where the rise of creative industries as a career becoming a forefront of kids imaginations and at a point where I'm going forward and breaking into a different creative industry myself; I want to know what my brother thinks are two characteristics, one good and one bad, he needs in order to succeed.  


First a good one:

"Passion. You need a whole lot of passion. That's why I got music tatted on my veins. I'm passionate about this. It's all I think about."

A bad one:

"Hmm...arrogance. You've got to know when to tone yourself down. Be the performer but not a --"

Yeah we'll leave that word up to the readers imagination..


Images:   ADAM SAVVA 

Words:    ADAM SAVVA 



Be passionate. Don't be arrogant. Work smart.

Amazing being able to photograph my brother and understand a little more about this world he's getting into. Thanks for being apart. 

Go check out his music available on music streaming platforms now!

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